Foundation for Environmental Education

The mission of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is to expand environmental and energy literacy. This effort involves energy projects, and related public outreach activities throughout the United States and abroad. All of our projects, and activities include participation from environmental groups, businesses and industries, and government agencies. We bring together people with diverse views and interests and help them to work toward a common goal.

FEE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Columbus, Ohio.

The foundation partners with investor owned electric utility companies such as American Electric Power, TXU Energy, NEED, Commonwealth Edison, PG&E, as well as municipal power authorities to develop educational programs that describe the ways in which electricity is produced and how energy is used by local communities. The foundation’s current initiatives include both solar electric and solar thermal energy systems. The solar electric projects involve the installation of photovoltaic power systems at schools both in the United States and abroad. The solar thermal projects involve the installation of solar water heating units on fire stations, YMCA’s, and public housing.

The Schools

In some states, we have so many schools that we have created their own web sites and those states are listed below. For the others, we put them under the “Other Solar Schools: US” and “Other Solar Schools: outside the US” categories.