Solar Projects

The projects found on this page are all close relatives to our solar schools. They are all solar energy projects that benefit non-profit groups, provide some education about how solar energy works and why solar energy is important to any energy policy we end up adopting, and they are almost always visible to visitors or people who pass by the building.

One example of this type of “solar on a building that is kind of like a school” is a public zoo. For example, we have completed projects at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio, the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois and the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, California.

We have also helped with projects at science education centers such as the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, California, the Explorit Science Museum in Davis, California, and Science Central in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And we were part of the team that completed solar projects on two Nature Centers in Michigan and the Food Bank, Project Open Hand, the LGBT Center, and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

The biggest variation in all of these projects is the size of the solar energy systems. We tried to keep the 1 kW size that is common to most of our solar school projects, but many of the sites had special circumstances that led to larger projects. As of mid-2008, a few of these projects are listed on the right side of this page